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Day 1

Day 1, 23.09.2020, Wednesday

Day 1 brought to you by


11:00 am, 23.09.2020, Wednesday

Session 121, 2050 Energy Efficiency Roadmap of Countries


Yasemin Somuncu

Architect, MA, AA, Key Expert, Technical Assistance for the Implementation of an Energy Efficiency Programme in Schools, DAI Global Belgium SRL, Turkey



Hicham Lahmidi, PhD

Head of Energy, Environment & Combustion Department, The National Metrology and Testing Laboratory, France

French Roadmap to reach Positive Energy Buildings and Carbon Neutrality


Avni Sfishta, PhD

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Expert - Team Leader of “Kosovo Energy Efficiency Project”, GIZ, Kosovo

nZEB Contribution to meet National Targets set by Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans 2021/2030 with perspective 2040/2050


Stefanos Pallantzas, MSc

President of the Board of Directors, Hellenic Passive House Institute, Greece

Zero Energy Buildings Roadshow: Energy Efficiency around the Corner



13:00 pm, 23.09.2020, Wednesday

Session 122, Case Studies: Energy Efficient Buildings


Prof. Senem Zeybekoğlu Sadri

Director, ECODEMIA - Tutor, Girne American University, Turkish Republic of Northerm Cyprus



Seda Temizer Yöntem

Architectural Group Manager, Eko Denge, Turkey

Cezeri Green Technology Vocational High School / Kırıkkale Mehmet Akif Ersoy High School


DI Martina Feirer

Partner,aap.architekten ZT-GmbH, Austria

Austria’s first Passive House Plus student dormitory in Vienna


DI Alexandra Frankel

Partner,aap.architekten ZT-GmbH, Austria

Austria’s first Passive House Plus student dormitory in Vienna



15:00 pm, 23.09.2020, Wednesday


Session 123, Economics of Zero Energy Buildings


Alper Doğruer

Turkey Commercial Director, Ravago Building Solutions, Turkey



Prof. Chihiro Shimizu

University of Tokyo, Japan

What is the economic value of Green? Case of Green Building in Tokyo?



17:00 pm, 23.09.2020, Wednesday


Session 124, Zero Energy Buildings for Everyone (1)


Didem Eryar Ünlü

Journalist, Dünya Newspaper, Turkey



Francesco Paolo Lamacchia, PhD

President, Zero Energy Building Network Italy, Italy

Zero Energy Buildings: richness in the hands of everyone


Miguel Feliz

Managing Partner, S317 Consulting, Portugal

Zero Energy Buildings in the existing building stock. Challenges for the near future

19:00 pm, 23.09.2020, Wednesday

Session 125, Synergy of energy efficiency, renewable energy and green hydrogen in global energy transformation


Prof. Tanay Sıdkı Uyar

President of Board Turkey, EUROSOLAR / European Association of Renewable Energy, Turkey



Julien Marquant

Energy Analyst, Sustainable Urban Energy Team, IRENA / International Renewable Energy Agency, Germany

Introducing IRENA’s Planning Platform for Renewable Urban Energy


Yong Chen

Inovation and Technology Center, IRENA / International Renewable Energy Agency, Germany

Introducing IRENA’s Planning Platform for Renewable Urban Energy 

Prof. Şener Oktik

Honorary Chairmen, GENSED / Turkish Solar Energy Association, Turkey

Energy Producing and Energy Saving Windows for Zero Energy Buildings 

Prof. Hasan Heperkan

Istanbul Aydın University, Turkey

Energy Efficiency Technologies and Impact on Smart Buildings

Day 2, 24.09.2020, Thursday

Day 2 brought to you by

Day 2

11:00 am, 24.09.2020, Thursday


Session 221, Zero Energy Buildings for Everyone (2)


Fulya Özgül Koçak

CEO, Onduline Avrasya A.Ş, Turkey



Assist.Prof. Touraj Ashrafian

Co-director of Building Materials and Physics Lab., Özyeğin University Faculty of Architecture and Design, Turkey

Life Cycle Challenges of Zero Energy Building Design and Retrofit


Nuri Cihan Kayaçetin, PhD

Lecturer, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Zero Energy Buildings and Embodied Carbon from Turkish Perspective



13:00 pm, 24.09.2020, Thursday


Session 222, Case Studies: Delivering Net Zero Buildings


Assoc.Prof. Ece Ceylan Baba

Head of ChairYeditepe University Department of Architecture, Turkey



Kirsten Henson

Director, KLH Sustainability, United Kingdom (UK)

Delivering Net Zero Homes: A case study "Orford Mews"


Prof. Ambrose Dodoo

Professor in Building Technology, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Transition Pathways to Zero Energy Buildings - Experiences in Implementation of Zero Energy Building Solutions in Sweden


Prof. Ludwig Rongen

Founder, RoA Rongen Architects PartG mbB , Germany

World´s Biggest Passive Hause Project: Harbin, Northern China



15:00 pm, 24.09.2020, Thursday


Session 223, Passivhaus: a route to net zero?


Prof. Sermin Onaygil

Department Head, Energy Planning and Management Department of Energy Institute, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey



John Palmer

Research and Policy Director, Passivhaus Trust, United Kingdom (UK)

Passivhaus: a route to net zero?



17:00 pm, 24.09.2020, Thursday


Session 224, Zero Energy Buildings in Hot Climates


Prof. Serdar Çelik

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA



Assoc.Prof. James Mathias

Mechanical Engineering Department, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA

Energy Efficient and Cost Effective Solar House


Assoc.Prof. Ulrike Passe

Director, Iowa State University, USA

Long Term Net Zero Home Research for a Warm and Humid Climates


Assoc.Prof. Saleh Al-Saadi

Building Energy Systems and the Architectural Engineering Program Coordinator, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, Oman

Zero Energy Building (ZEB) in hot climate of Oman: design and energy performance analysis



19:00 pm, 24.09.2020, Thursday

Session 225, ERROR 4.0, Solution: Zero Energy Buildings


Erhan Özdemir

Deputy General Manager, ODE Insulation, Turkey



Domenico Maria Caprioli, PhD

University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Scarcity as an opportunity. Lessons from the Outer Space


Assoc.Prof. Djamil Ben Ghida

Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Earth architecture stabilization: Between tradition and innovation


Asst.Prof. Amos Darko

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Combating Climate Change through Green Buildings

Day 3, 25.09.2020, Friday

Day 3 organized by


Passive House Day - organized by SEPEV,

Passive House Association of Turkey

Click here to download Passive House Day agenda

Day 3

11:00 am, 25.09.2020, Friday


Session 321, Passive House Projects of Turkey

Seda Müftüoğlu Güleç, MSc Arch.

President of Board, SEPEV / Zero Energy and Passive House Association of Turkey, Turkey


Gaziantep Ecological Building


Tuğba Salman Gürcan

Member of Board, SEPEV / Zero Energy and Passive House Association of Turkey, Turkey

A Passive House Project in Ankara, Turkey

Muhyettin Sirer

Local Economic Development Projects Coordinator, UNDP Turkey Country Office, Turkey

An EnerPHit Project in Turkey

13:00 am, 25.09.2020, Friday

Session 322, Passive House Design Tools, Methods and Certification

Yasemin Somuncu

Member of Board, SEPEV / Zero Energy and Passive House Association of Turkey, Turkey


Building Envelope in Passive Houses


David Edwards 

Developer of designPH, Passivhaus Institut, Germany

Passive Houses and Energy Modeling

Zümrüt Çağlayan Arslan

Architect & Partner, Ekobina Architecture, Turkey

Passive House and Green Building Certification

15:00 pm, 25.09.2020, Friday

Session 323, Passive House Residential Projects and Market Development

Yasemin Somuncu

Member of Board, SEPEV / Zero Energy and Passive House Association of Turkey, Turkey


Leonidas Nassis 

Architect, Engineer, EIPAK, Greece

Passive House in Serres, Greece

Pavlos Michos

Mechanical Engineer, Co-founder, 02 Architecture & Mechanical Engineering, Greece

From Zero to Hero

Panagiotis Papassotiriou 

Architect, Director, Studio 2Pi Architecture, Greece

From Zero to Hero

Asst.Prof. Erwin Mlecnik

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Lessons from the passive house market development in Belgium and Netherlands

17:00 pm, 25.09.2020, Friday

Session 324, Passive Houses and Sustainable Cities

Gülümser Özpınar

Environmental Engineer, Gaziantep Metropolitian Municipality, Turkey


Gaziantep Ecolocigal City Project

Edwin May

Architect, Partner, Building-Type LLC, USA

Life in New York 2034: Passive Houses, Electric Transportation and a Decarbonized Grid

Naomi Beal

Executive Director, passivhausMAINE, USA

50 Houses: A Retrofit Research Initiative in Maine

19:00 pm, 25.09.2020, Friday

Session 325, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Buildings

Prof. Serdar Ulubeyli

Member of International  Board, ZeroBuild Forum - Head of Chair, Bülent Ecevit University Department of Civil Engineering, Turkey


Monte Paulsen

Passive House Certifier, RDH Building Science, Canada

High-Rise Passive House

Nabeel Sıddıqi

CEO & Co-founder, Modulus Tech., Pakistan

The pursuit of dignified living for all; Coupling sustainability and economics using innovation

Day 4, 26.09.2020, Saturday

Day 4 brought to you by

Day 4

11:00 am, 26.09.2020, Saturday

Session 421, Implementation Approaches of Passive Systems and Active Systems in Different Countries


Banu Pekol, PhD

Cultural Heritage and Capacity Building Manager, KMKD, Turkey



Yasemin Somuncu

Architect, MA, AA, Key Expert, Technical Assistance for the Implementation of an Energy Efficiency Programme in Schools, DAI Global Belgium SRL, Turkey

Energy Efficiency Implementation in Existing School Buildings in Northern Part of Cyprus


Prof. İlker Kahraman

Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, Yaşar University, Turkey

Turkish Approach to Zero Energy Buildings

13:00 pm, 26.09.2020, Saturday


Session 422, Zero Energy Buildings: a reached target or a starting point?


Assoc.Prof. Canan Acar

Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Bahçeşehir University , Turkey



Assoc.Prof. Enrico Fabrizio

Associate Editor of Sustainable Cities and Society - Politecnico di Torino, Italy

KeyNote: Speech: Zero Energy Buildings: a reached target or a starting point? State of the art on existing researches on ZEB and future directions



15:00 pm, 26.09.2020, Saturday


Session 423, Case Studies: Passive Houses


Prof. Buket Ayşegül Özbakır

Department of City and Regional Planning, Yıldız Teknik University, Turkey



Asst.Prof. Carlos Jimenez Bescos

Architecture and Built Environment, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Passivhaus in Different Climates: Techniques, Challenges and Opportunities for Vernacular Architecture


Micheel Wassouf

CEO, Energiehaus Arquitectos, Spain

El Garrofer – Mediterranean Passive House retrofit for a public school in Viladecans/Barcelona


Bachir Nebia

Passivhaus Designer, Development Manager, Roberts & Treguer Ltd., United Kingdom (UK)

Blaker Road Case Study: A newly erected residential schemes that have been designed and built to Passivhaus standard in London.



17:00 pm, 26.09.2020, Saturday


Session 424, Zero Energy Buildings & Building Information Modeling


Nil Kutlar

MSc Architec, Building Energy Efficiency Expert, CEEE / Center for Energy, Environment,  Economy, Özyeğin University, Turkey



Prof. Salih Ofluoğlu

Head Department of Informatics, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

BIM-Enabled Performative Design Education for Achieving Sustainable and High-Performance Buildings


Assoc.Prof. Sandeep Joshua Kota

School of Architecture, Vellore Institute of Technology, India

An Architect Friendly BIM Based Daylighting Simulation Tool for Designing Net-Zero Buildings


Milad Ashouri, PhD

Senior Data Scientist, EnerZam Inc. , Canada

Continuous Measurement and Verification: A key for Energy Efficiency projects

19:00 pm, 26.09.2020, Saturday

Session 425, Energy Digitalization


Metin Can

Journalist, Technology Writer, Turkey



Mehmet Sağlam

Turkey, Central Asia & Pakistan Digital Energy VP, Schneider Electric, Schneider Electric, Turkey

Digital Energy Management in Buildings

Dilara Göker

R&D Projects Manager, REENGEN, Turkey

Using AI and IoT to Improve Energy Efficiency

Day 5, 27.09.2020, Sunday

Day 5 brought to you by

Day 5

11:00 am, 27.09.2020, Sunday


Session 521, Progressive Approaches Improving Energy Performance in Buildings (2)


Onur Günduru

Managing Partner, Onur Energy, Turkey



Prof. Yunus Ali Çengel

University of Nevada, Reno, USA

Artificial Inteligence in Energy Systems

Asst.Prof. Yiğit Can Altan

Civil Engineering Department, Özyeğin University, Turkey

Variations at the facade temperature of the buildings due to Stability of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer


Prof. Hakan F. Öztop

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Fırat University, Turkey

Effects of shading on performance of PV panels for building applications



13:00 pm, 27.09.2020, Sunday


Session 522, Zero for All


Tuğba Salman Gürcan

Interior Architect & Certified Passive House Designer - Founding Director, SEPEV / Zero Energy and Passive House Association of Turkey, Turkey



Prof. Birol Kılkış

Energy Systems Director, Polar Project and Technology, Turkey

Net Zero-Energy, Zero-Exergy, or Zero-Carbon?


Meltem Bayraktar

Urban Efficiency and Climate Manager, WRI / World Resources Institute Turkey Sustainable Cities, Turkey

Zero Carbon Buildings for All



15:00 pm, 27.09.2020, Sunday


Session 523, Energy Digitalization and Distributed Energy Syestems in Buildings


Prof. Kamil Çağatay Bayındır

President of Board, EDİDER / Energy Digitalization Association, Turkey

ModeratorThose Who Left Their Mark on Digital


Alper Terciyanlı, PhD

CEO, Inavitas, Turkey

Energy Digitalization and Distributed Energy Systems in Buildings

Cihad Terzioğlu, PhD

Chairman, MÜSİAD / Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association Energy and Mining Council, Turkey

Impact of energy efficiency and digitalization to continue the clean energy transformation and sustain the fight against climate change


17:00 pm, 27.09.2020, Sunday


Session 524, Women Impact in Zero Energy Buildings


Yasemin Salih

Journalist, Dünya Newspaper, Turkey


Selen İnal

Business Development Manager, TurSEFF / Stantec - Member of Advisory Committee, WiRE Turkey / Women in Renewable Energy, Turkey

Panel Speech


Züleyha Özcan

Mechanical Engineer and Manager, Derin Mechanical Engineering - Vice President of Board, MÜKAD / Association of Engineer and Architect Women, Turkey

Panel Speech

Enise Burcu Derinboğaz

Landscape Architect, Founder, Kurucu, Praxis Landscape - Member, TWRE / Turkish Women in Renewable Energy, Turkey

Panel Speech

19:00 pm, 27.09.2020, Sunday


Session 525, Achieving High Quality in Zero Energy Buildings


Prof. Serdar Ulubeyli

Head of Chair, Bülent Ecevit University Department of Civil Engineering, Turkey



Prof. Shady Attia

Sustainable Buildings Design Lab, Department ArGEnCo, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Liege, Belgium

Best Practices of Quality Assurance for Zero Energy Buildings Design

Assoc.Prof. Payam Shafigh

Department of Architecture, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete for Energy-Efficient Buildings

Maike von Krause-Kohn

DENA / German Energy Agency, Germany

Energy efficient buildings in heat transition

Asst.Prof. Benjamin Durakovic

International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

PCM, Phase Change Materials based technologies for building application

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