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Zero Energy Buildings Will be Built at

ZeroBuild Forum

Zero Energy Buildings', which are of great importance in the environment, economy and individual gain, will be discussed with the participation of international speakers and all relevant stakeholders at the ZeroBuild Türkiye – International Forum on Zero Energy Buildings. The forum, which aims to provide a roadmap for the transformation to Zero Energy Buildings will take place digitally in different countries in 2021. Forum will bring together opinion leaders from all around the world with the goal of accelerating the transition to 100% zero energy buildings

With increasing population and urbanization, the need for energy is increasing day by day. More than 30% of this energy is used in buildings. Therefore, opinion leaders from the world, who believe that the fastest movement for energy saving should be started in buildings, will address "Zero Energy Buildings" in ZeroBuild Türkiye with all its sub titles. The forum, where today's detection will be made, future scenarios will be discussed and successful examples from the world will be shared in detail notes that most of the energy consumed is made up of fossil fuels that harm nature, and puts attention on reducing energy demand in buildings and use of renewable energy sources for the benefits of individuals, countries, global security and environment.

ZeroBuild Forum, which can be followed by free registration from the web adress, will offer the latest building experience with hundreds of presentations. The forum, which is organized in the two main elements of the concept of Zero Energy Building that are "Energy Efficiency" and "Renewable Energy" can be followed with instant simultaneous translations from and to English.

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New building experience with ZeroBuild Forum


ZeroBuild Türkiye will bring together many different audiences such as public, private sector, academicians, construction material manufacturers, non-governmental organizations, university students, architects, engineers, residents, environmental activists in order to support the transformation to zero energy buildings.

ZeroBuild Türkiye, which also offers the opportunity to create a special network about 'Zero Energy Buildings', will bring together all relevant disciplines and suppliers in a common platform, such as building materials, renewable energy, insulation, ventilation, heating, cooling, home automation, lighting, household appliances, architecture, engineering and consultancy services.

"The period we live in once again reminded us how important it is to protect nature and as countries on any issue how important it is to minimize the great risk of being connected to the imported sources. Many of our problems can be greatly contributed by increasing energy efficiency, minimizing fossil fuel use and focusing on renewable energy sources. Therefore, we will discuss the transformation to Zero Energy Buildings which is already in the action plans of many successful countries in the world and European Union, in all aspects and with experts from all corners of the world at ZeroBuild Türkiye. In the event, all participants will be able to follow sessions for free from anywhere and communicate their questions to the experts of the subject. Our goal is not only to provide a road map to all stakeholders with information sharing, but also to show that it is not really difficult to build Zero Energy Buildings with all the architecture-engineering knowledge and production-industrial capabilities we have in our hand” said Özgür Kaan Alioğlu, ZeroBuild Forum Executive Director.

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