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What is ZeroBuild Forum ?

“Our Earth Needs Problem Solvers” ……


ZeroBuild Forum is an online Virtual event intended to reflect our climate emergency and solutions with Zero Energy Buildings.


The 5 days event includes hundreds of inspiring presentations through many sessions from multinationally leading practitioners and high quality networking opportunities.


ZeroBuild Forum presentations will address: the relationship of utilities to net zero goals, Living Building Challenge and Zero Energy Building certification, emerging energy efficiency building technologies, as well as case studies of projects that have achieved zero building performance to understand how this high mark of design and performance was achieved. Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Consultants, Utility and Municipal Representatives, and Technology Companies are all encouraged to attend with objectives;

  1. Understand the definition of a zero energy building.

  2. Review case studies to understand design strategies used to design and build a zero energy building.

  3. Understand the role of public awareness to reach zero energy buildings.

  4. Understand utilities' relationship to zero energy goals.

The ZeroBuild Forum is dedicated to supporting market transformation towards 100% Zero Energy Buildings. Our framework includes key targets, definition for Zero Energy Buildings, the action pathways being taken and the key principles that are guiding the actions. These principles ensure alignment and commonality across all parties.

The ZeroBuild Forum is convening many senior private and public sector leaders from across world at an inspiring and practical virtual environment. We want to demonstrate that the world has the will and solutions to lead the towards delivering zero energy buildings and a better quality of life for all.

Experts from around the world will present on the enormous potential of good design, while at the same time product and component suppliers and manufacturers will demonstrate their practical implementation. The forum will seek to demonstrate the importance of well-conceived and consistent action in the building sector for a successful transition to healthier buildings and a sustainable energy future.

We recognise that in most situations, zero energy buildings, i.e. buildings that generate 100% of their energy needs on-site, are sometimes not feasible. Therefore, buildings that are energy efficient, and supply energy needs from renewable sources (on-site and/or off-site) is a more appropriate target for the mass scale required to achieve required levels of global emission reductions.


Since the building and construction sector is responsible for around 30% of global energy consumption and the associated emissions, this sector will play a significant role in finding the solutions. Coordinated Action towards 100% Zero Energy Buildings calls for a dramatic and ambitious transformation towards a completely zero carbon built environment, through the dual goals of:


  • All new buildings must operate at net zero carbon from 2030

  • 100% of buildings must operate at net zero carbon by 2050


The signing of the Paris Agreement in December 2015 was rightly hailed as a truly historic moment in the fight against climate change. It marked the start of the most important race in our existence – the race to curb global greenhouse gas emissions so that temperature rise remains below 2 degrees Celsius and, ideally, below 1.5 degrees Celsius – and it set a clear timeline for how quickly the world must change its course so that by 2050, all major business sectors are operating in a state of zero carbon emissions.


We believe that this enormous challenge (above goals) will be achieved through the coordinated efforts of Business, Government and NGOs. Achieving these targets would help to ensure that the worst impacts of climate change are avoided, and bring about a number of other political and economic benefits.

The recent UN Climate Action Summit made it clear - net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is the only goal that counts. For the world, delivering a new Green Deal for its citizens will mean cities and companies putting net zero carbon buildings and massive building renovation programmes at the heart of their climate action plans.


We bring the Experience to YOU!


ZeroBuild Forum is an end-to-end digital conference with technology booths, exclusive networking opportunities and keynote presentations on how to leverage Zero Energy Building business.


ZeroBuild Forum‘s virtual event will deliver a highly interactive environment with a live streaming video keynote and breakout sessions with speaker Q&A. And the best part is this event is virtual so you can experience it all from anywhere – you don’t even have to leave your home or office!

Key benefits


  • Discover how to successfully implement and deliver a commercial net-zero build project

  • Learn the direction of travel on the green building revolution, and identify future commercial opportunities

  • Understand the next generation of high-performance, energy efficient buildings, and meet the people who’ll design and build them

  • Source cutting-edge solutions and products to enable you to deliver sustainable, cost-effective, building projects

  • Discover how to reduce energy consumption in commercial facilities whilst enhancing operational productivity

  • Understand which technical systems have the greatest potential to improve energy efficiency, for both commercial and residential buildings

  • Insights and case studies demonstrating how energy efficiency programmes can be leveraged to achieve corporate strategic objectives

  • Discuss the opportunity for buildings to be transformed into microgrids, enabling the mass adoption of renewable energy

  • Understand the significance of embodied carbon reduction efforts on your sustainable building value propositions

Join the Zero Energy Building revolution at ZeroBuild Forum !

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