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Manager on the Road
Future of Buildings:  "Zero Energy"

We come together as;


  • project and idea owners,

  • volunteers,

  • and supporters,


who does or wants to do their part in order to create public opinion for Zero Energy Buildings.

We work to find the necessary intellectual and financial resources to realize the projects and achieve the desired results, and thus we achieve collective results by combining the efforts of independent initiative owners.

Please join us if you think that you can voluntarily contribute, think that you can support us with your skills, talents and opportunities.


We unite around the vision of being the most reliable reference point that the public will apply first regarding Zero Energy Buildings, by bringing together volunteers who act only in line with the interests of our country and our people, free from all kinds of interests, .

We act in order to;

  • increase the economic living standards of our people with these savings,

  • contribute to our Country Economy and National Security policies by reducing foreign dependency in energy,

  • reduce Carbon Gas Emissions by reducing fossil fuel consumption, thus protecting nature and the environment

by saving the wasteful disposal of consumables and providing the resources to meet the energy requirements in buildings,

If you share the same feelings with us, please join us.


We take actions to create public opinion and informing stakeholders in line with the objectives of;

  • In the Short Term: Reducing the annual energy consumption of the current 150-300 kWh / m2 below 100 kWh / m2 in the buildings,

  • In the Medium Term: Reducing the annual energy consumption in buildings below 60 kWh / m2, which is the Passive House standard, and

  • In the Long Term: delivering Zero Energy Buildings by meeting all this demand from renewable resources.

"Manager on the Road" in Social Media ...

You can also follow us on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

We came together because;

Until now, many individuals and institutions related to Energy Efficiency in Buildings have carried out many projects for the public, both individually and institutionally. If there is an awareness about energy efficiency and saving in the society, this perception has been formed due to these very valuable studies that have been carried out so far. We offer our endless thanks to everyone who contributed.

To trigger the projects, ideas and creativity of many community volunteers more, we came together under the name of "Manager on the Road" as;

  • students,

  • young activists,

  • industry professionals

  • and engineer candidates

in the form of a FOCUS GROUP and an organization that does not have any legal personality.

These projects, which are carried out independently from each other, can now be gathered under a common platform and create more impact by combining human, intellectual and material resources to contribute and support the subject.

everything starts with an idea

We support projects or ideas that have not yet evolved into a project, that desire change or development, under the 10 headings listed below: 


  1. Transformation from Idea to Project

  2. Structuring the Action Plan

  3. Creating a Campaign Strategy

  4. Creating a Marketing Plan

  5. Organization

  6. Creating Collaborations

  7. Access to Financial Resources

  8. Public Relations and Social Media Design

  9. Loby Activities

  10. Finalization and Reporting

We guide and work to find the necessary intellectual and financial resources for them to come to life and achieve the desired results.

What you can do ?

Do you have an idea or a project?

Everything starts with an idea here. If you have a project that desires change or development in Zero Energy Buildings, energy-environment, energy-economy, energy-human issues, or if you have ideas that have not yet evolved into the project, you can send your projects to us in order to find necessary intellectual and material resources to make them come to life and achieve the desired results.

Are you an Energy Efficiency or Environmental Volunteer?

If you also want to contribute voluntarily, think that you can support  with your skills, talents and opportunities please join us !!!

Please keep in mind that the ability and opportunity support you provide to social responsibility projects is as important as financial resources, or even more than them, for the projects to be implemented and achieve the desired results.

Your corporate support is also very valuable ...

If you plan to implement a social responsibility project on Zero Energy Buildings, energy-environment, energy-economy, energy-human issues on behalf of your institution, you can sponsor our projects and provide financial resources, thus supporting both projects to be implemented and achieve desired results. With a volunteer network focused on the subject, you can reach your social responsibility project to large masses.

Join us ...

If you share the same feelings with us, please join us.


Please create a complete profile so that we and other members can access information about you.


Invite and broadcast ...

Invite friends who you think might share the same goals as us to our movement.


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Please contact us for any comments and suggestions that you think you can contribute other than those mentioned above.

Manager on the Road
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