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Zero Energy Buildings and Energy Consultancy Companies

Today's businesses, whether industrial, commercial or residential, are at greater risk than ever when it comes to funding. One of the most basic solutions to the problem of resource generation, which is increasingly difficult for businesses, is the determination of energy efficiency potential and the realization of this potential. Today, while many businesses deal with efficiency and productivity at every stage of production within the scope of continuous improvement studies, energy efficiency becomes an integral part of these studies. Energy efficiency is a resource that businesses have at their disposal and is considered to have significant potential, which varies from structure to structure. This resource can also be viewed as a potential reserve within the business. The important thing is to ensure that it is included in the production processes in a sustainable way, allowing the reduction of input or other costs.

By using energy efficiently; It is an indisputable fact that important results will be achieved, such as reducing energy costs and foreign dependency in energy and building a more livable environment.

Energy saving companies (ESCO) aim to bring the amount of energy that all buildings have to use for various services closer to zero. Special experts on this subject provide services with their technical and financial infrastructures, and guide them in revealing the resource potential of the enterprises.

In this context, they highlight potential investments in buildings with energy efficiency studies, report technical and financial approaches, and develop engineering designs with efficiency-enhancing projects. In our country, with their structures getting stronger over the last 15 years, they become a party to applications and, in parallel, energy performance contracts.

In buildings where it is imperative to use energy more efficiently for a more sustainable future and a cleaner world, zero-energy buildings make a significant contribution to raising awareness. At this point, Energy saving companies (ESCO)  act with the mission of doing their part in the fields they serve in the best way and support the zero-energy building concept to the fullest.

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