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Zero Energy Buildings and Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Scale Control

The negative effects of limescale are very well known. Limescale affects the efficiency of all devices and systems that come into contact with water and leads to increased maintenance costs. Limescale is a weak heat conductor. According to studies by British Water, only 1.6 mm of limescale in a heating system leads to a 12% energy loss, which leads to an increase in fuel bills to the same extent.

Eliminating limescale formation ensures that these losses are not experienced with continuous maximum thermal efficiency. In this way, it also helps in efforts to ensure compliance with carbon emission regulations.

  • In preventive activities, solutions that do not require additional costs and workload and can be operated without the need for service should be preferred

  • The return on investment should be taken into account based on the operating period of at least 10 years when designing the system.

  • It should be preferred considering the contribution to energy efficiency during the operating period.

  • Instead of local solutions to different points, a holistic approach that protects the entire system should be followed.

  • The preventive system equipment used against limescale must be environmental friendly and work with zero waste principle.

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