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Zero Energy Buildings and Fireproofing

All Buildings around are responsible, one-third of global energy consumption and 20 percent of CO2 emissions (as much as 50 percent in major cities. To reach the Paris target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, however, we will need to build new buildings – and renovate existing stock – to net zero standards by 2050 we can see how important ziro energy buildings.

Making minimal contribution to CO2 emissions, these buildings make other positive contributions as well. 

They reduce energy dependency, ultimately giving countries and regions more control over their energy supply; and they create jobs and stimulate economic growth. There is a significant financial benefit too. Energy efficient design can save as much as 80 percent of the operating costs of a building.

Because it is so effective in retaining heat or keeping it out, stone wool insulation helps builders to create net zero buildings. It reduces the need for additional heating and cooling, significantly reducing energy demand and emissions. Also stonewool has A1 fire classificatin and because of this it creates safety areas at zero energy buildings.

Using areas of stonewool; Facade, floating floor ( specially for sound insulation ), prefabricated pipes ( heating system pipes protection and energy saving ), partition walls ( sound insulation and protecting degree between rooms ), roof insulation, over suspending ceilings ( sound insulation )…

Using stonewool is smilar like other insulation products; it comes to meaning that thicker product creates more insulation. Compressive strength and tensile strength is most important values for application detail.

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With using stonewool, builders can create ziro energy buildings with fire protection skills. Stonewools are very friendly products with envirement also.

Raw material of stonewool is bazalt stone mainly. Under high temperature inside the furnice, bazalt stone is melting ( over 1200 C degree ) and with fiber machines stonewool occure.

Lifetime of stonewool is equal with building construction lifetime. After application of each detail. It gives perfect effeciency. When producers produce 1 unit stonewool they spend 1 unit Money but when builders-users using it they saves around 7 units Money.

It depends on climate situation of the building but around 2-3 years all stonewool insulation pays back all investment cost.

Zero energy=less payment to energy=perfect insulation.

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